We're reclaiming
our time

Starting with making it an official holiday.

Show your solidarity on social media with a post to #hellajuneteenth
Use this caption:

We’re reclaiming our time.

For years, the enslaved people gave countless hours of free labor to their owners. Since emancipation, we have been making up for that lost time. So in true solidarity with our ancestors, it’s only right that we declare this to be a day free of labor.

Rest and Recharge — Grant yourself the grace and space to pause. Heal. Repeat.

Fellowship with Community — Whether it’s friends or family, gather with folk who bring out the best of you.

Play — Black joy is a form of resistance. Do it, and do it often.

Learn — about the Black experience and American history to cultivate empathy and dismantle white supremacy.

Here’s a start:
What to
What to listen to
What to watch

Reflect — on your own identity and privilege

Speak out — against racism and injustice when you see it

Engage — with anti-racist activists and organizations on social media to stay up to date

Consume — Black content: music, art, movies, TV, books etc.

Eat — at or order from Black owned restaurants, use the hashtag #hellajuneteenth

Wear — something from a Black owned brand or clothing store, use the hashtag #hellajuneteenth

Support — Black businesses here, or here (including Black bookstores to buy your Black books), use the hashtag #hellajuneteenth

Donate — Donate to anti-racist causes, use the hashtag #hellajuneteenth

Participate — in our civic system by registering to vote and signing petitions

Join the Movement

Now more than ever, we must recognize Juneteenth as a time to collectively reflect on our past, take action in our present, and build towards our future. #hellajuneteenth

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